The International Pacific Theater Festival
Information for partners

Information for partners


1. Special options

  • Organization of special events for the Partner / Sponsor, including with the participation of the cast and directors of the performances of the Festival;  

  • Providing a set of complimentary tickets for the performances of the Festival;

  • Providing a set of complimentary tickets for special events of the Festival;

  • Participation of the Partner representative in special events of the Festival (press conference, official opening / closing ceremony);

  • Branding of venues, that host the events of the Festival, placement of advertising materials of the Partner / Sponsor;

  • The potentiality to conduct promotional events with the participation of the Partner / Sponsor at venues on the days of the Festival events;

   2. Outdoor advertising, printing and image production

  • Placement of the Partner / Sponsor’s logo on large, medium and small outdoor advertising structures;

  • Placement of the Partner / Sponsor’s image page and logo in the Festival booklet in Russian and English;

  • Placement of the Partner / Sponsor's logo on the printing products of the Festival in various formats;

  • Placement of the Partner / Sponsor’s logo on the programs for the performances of the Festival;

  • Placement of the Partner / Sponsor's logo on the advertising constructions of the Festival (roll-up, press-wall).

   3. Media and the Internet

  • Placement of the information about the Partner / Sponsor in the press- and post releases of the Festival;

  • Placement of the Partner / Sponsor’s logo on advertising modules and announcements in print media;

  • Placement of the Partner’s logo on the Festival’s official website;

  • Cross-promotion campaigns and mentions on the Festival’s social networks (Facebook, VK, Instagram). 

The final structure of the package provided to the Partner / Sponsor depends on the amount of support.

Counter proposals from potential Sponsors / Partners to promote the image of the Organization within the framework of the Festival are considered.