The International Pacific Theater Festival

About us

The International Pacific Theatre Festival is a significant part and central event of the federal Programme to promote the art of the theatre in the Russian Far East. It was initiated by the State Theatre of Nations, headed by its artistic director, Yevgeny Mironov, People’s Artist of Russia. The idea of this grand-scale project was supported by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The preparatory work and organising of the Festival were entrusted by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to the Chekhov International Theatre Festival, which has a long-standing experience in holding major international theatre events. During the thirty years of its existence, the Chekhov Festival has presented in Moscow and other Russian cities more than 600 productions fr om 54 countries. The creative concept and programme of the Pacific Festival in Vladivostok were proposed by the late Valery Shadrin.

The goal of the International Pacific Theatre Festival is to acquaint the audiences of the Russian Far East with the best works from the countries of the Pacific region and from elsewhere. The Festival programme reflects the variety of cultural and theatrical traditions, and intends to promote the international cultural and humanitarian cooperation. Besides the performances for our viewers, there is also an accessible Educational Programme, including meetings with the artists, lectures and discussions of events.

Head of the Theatre Development Programme in the Russian Far East, Artistic Director of the State Theatre of Nations, People’s Artist of Russia.

“Primorye is a fascinating place wh ere Western culture meets up with that of the East. Its neighbours are Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam, and if we take a more global view, there is also Australia and the countries of America. Geography itself makes Primorye a hub for theatrical discoveries. I am delighted that Vladivostok is getting an opportunity to become a major theatre megapolis, alongside Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the future, this can give an impulse for cultural development not just in the Far East, but also in Russia as a whole.

The International Pacific Theatre Festival is a part of the extensive Theatre Development Programme in the Russian Far East, supported by the President of the Russian Federation.

The results of the first Festival have demonstrated the stunning success of our initiative. All tickets were sold out in a matter of days, and the events were attended by over 20 thousand viewers from 40 towns and smaller places of Primorye. This reassured us that we should get on with it.

The creative programme of the Festival was worked out by Valery Shadrin, who headed the famous Chekhov International Theatre Festival for thirty years. He departed this life last year, and the current Festival is dedicated to his memory.

Despite all the difficult circumstances, the Second International Pacific Theatre Festival managed to put together an impressive programme. Our audiences will have a lot to admire, because we are bringing something which has never been seen in Russia before, unique specimens of theatre art. Our schedule comprises 10 productions in different genres from the countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, as well as lectures and master classes by renowned actors, directors, stage designers and choreographers. We can assuredly say that for 17 days Vladivostok will become a unique centre for exchange of talents, creative ideas and cultural traditions”.