The International Pacific Theater Festival

About us

The International Pacific Theatre Festival is a significant part and central event of the federal Programme to promote the art of the theatre in the Russian Far East. It was initiated by the State Theatre of Nations, headed by its artistic director, Yevgeny Mironov, People’s Artist of Russia. 

The preparatory work and organising of the Festival were entrusted by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to the Chekhov International Theatre Festival, which has a long-standing experience in holding major international theatre events. During the thirty years of its existence, the Chekhov Festival has presented in Moscow and other Russian cities more than 600 productions fr om 54 countries. The creative concept and programme of the Pacific Festival in Vladivostok were proposed by the late Valery Shadrin.

The goal of the International Pacific Theatre Festival is to acquaint the audiences of the Russian Far East with the best works from the countries of the Pacific region and from elsewhere. The Festival programme reflects the variety of cultural and theatrical traditions, and intends to promote the international cultural and humanitarian cooperation. Besides the performances for our viewers, there is also an accessible Educational Programme, including meetings with the artists, lectures and discussions of events.

Head of the Theatre Development Programme in the Russian Far East, Artistic Director of the State Theatre of Nations, People’s Artist of Russia.

“For the third time, the International Pacific Theater Festival is being held in Vladivostok. During this time, the Festival became native to the city. This is very important, because nothing can be artificially imposed. The Festival audience follows with interest the development of performing art, the best examples of which we bring from all over the world. This is a very high-profile project for Vladivostok: in this very place, at the eastern border of our country, a theater forum of international level is taking place. In addition to performances, an educational program is offered both to theater-goers and professionals, opening them opportunities to attend master classes, meet foreign colleagues and create new products, including the ones for the following festivals. No less important is Russia’s relationship with the world theater community, to which the Festival makes a great contribution. The situation is difficult, but nevertheless the geography of the Festival is expanding. This means that culture has no boundaries and there are vast plans for the future. We invite our colleagues to the Festival as guests, and next year they may come as participants with their own productions. At the same time, we, at the Theater of Nations in particular, are negotiating the creation of new productions that may be included in the festival program. This is a basis for long-term cooperation. I believe that the International Pacific Theater Festival has already occupied its niche, which has not been occupied by anyone before. And we will go ahead with the development of the Festival in the future.”

General Director of the Chekhov International Theater Festival`

“The attractiveness of the International Pacific Theater Festival is largely determined by its main goal - to introduce audiences in the Far East to the vibrant theater productions from the countries of the Pacific region and other parts of the world. The program reflects the diversity of cultural and theatrical traditions in different countries and continents and is aimed at strengthening international cultural and humanitarian cooperation. The International Pacific Theater Festival is an evidence of the open nature of Russian culture, the strength of its classical traditions and high potential to perceive new creative endeavors. The Festival is young, but has already found its audience and has become an eagerly expected event in the region. I am sure that the Third International Pacific Theater Festival will be a great success, and both its participants and theater-goers will remember it as a real celebration of art, full of unforgettable impressions! We are grateful to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Primorsky Territory for understanding the importance of the Festival and all requisite support. Special thanks to our partners, sponsors and friends, first and foremost to our permanent general partner – Channel One, as well as to our sponsor - VTB Bank.”