German Cornejo’s Dance Company (Argentina)

Direction and choreography –GERMAN CORNEJO

Assistant choreographer –Gisela Galeassi

Music Director –Diego Ramos


Dancers:German Cornejo, Gisela Galeassi, Camila Alegre, Ezequiel Lopez, Mariano Balois, Noelia Pizzo, Manuela Rossi, Nicolas Schell, Micaela Spina, Juan Malizia

Vocals:Antonela Cirillo, Jesus Hidalgo

Musicians:Clemente Carrascal, Benjamin Ciprian, Thomas Falasca, Jeronimo Izarrualde, Gemma Scalia, Ovidio Velazquez

Light –Marius Arnold-Clarke

Sound –Gaston Briski

Executive producer –Sandra Castell Garcia, Dance4life Production

“In Tango After Dark, Cornejo has concocted the perfect (and I don’t use that word, lightly) combination of Astor Piazzolla’s unique Tango Argentinomusic, ten of the best tango dancers in the world, two charismatic singers and an outstanding septet of musicians, marshalled – of course – by Piazzolla’s own instrument of choice, the bandonéon (a type of concertina, as essential to tango as the guitar is to flamenco), played very sensitively by Clemente Carrascal. The melodic sensuality of this Argentine tango, with impossibly fast footwork and stunning lifts, evoked the unique racial and cultural amalgam present in the very best indigenous milongas”. Dance Tabs
  “In Buenos Aires, German Comejo is a super-famous name. He is king of tango, the dance that embodies the soul of Argentina. Together with his partner Gisela Galeassi, he has won all the prizes and fronted all the talent shows, but as well as being a peerless dancer he is also a major choreographer. As his new show demonstrates, he is taking tango out of its ghetto and giving it a wider, expressive range.
<…> So far, so predictable. But Cornejo takes the mood and the moves further, incorporating balletic lifts and twists that don’t feature in the classic tango vocabulary. He also introduces a note of ironic wit – how seriously are we meant to take all this macho strutting and romantic posing?
Is it a mating ritual or a formal game, or are the passions on display fo real? It’s a mesmerising spectacle - and whatever you do, don’t slip out before the curtain calls, because the king of tango has one final trick up his sleeve.” The Mail on Sunday

1 video
October 1 (19:00), 2 (19:00), 3 (17:00)
Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre, Great Hall
2 h, with intermission