Based on James Goldman’s play The Lion in Winter (translated into Russian by N. I. Kuzminsky)

(18 + )

K.S. Stanislavsky State Russian Drama Theatre, Yerevan

Directed by Suren Shakhverdian

Scenography by Artur Arutiunian

Costumes by Mary Sargsian

Musical setting by Suren Shakhverdian

Choreography by Ara Asaturian

This production is about excessive lust for power, and readiness to sacrifice everything for that purpose. It is based on the play The Lion in Winter by the American writer James Goldman. The date is 1183. Henry II Plantagenet, king of England, reigns over his great empire, which extends from Scotland through half the provinces of France as far as Aquitaine. Feeling that his life is nearing the end, he is about to decide which one of his three sons becomes his successor. His whole family is brought together for Christmas. After ten years of exile, Henry’s wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the richest and most influential lady in medieval Europe, arrives at the royal castle too.
6, 7 October 2023
M. Gorky Primorsky Academic Regional Drama Theatre
Length: 1 hour 20 minutes (no intermission)
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