Compañía Patricia Guerrero (Spain)

Art direction and choreography – PATRICIA GUERRERO 

Stage direction and dramaturgy – Juan Dolores Caballero 

Musical direction, composition and adaptation – Dani de Morón 

Lighting design – Manuel Madueño 

Costume creation – Laura Capote / María López Sánchez 

Shoes – An exclusive design for Patricia Guerrero by Begoña Cervera 

Photography – Naemi Ueta 

Lighting/machinery – Sergio Collantes de Terán 

Sound – Rafael Pipió / Ángel Olalla 

Distribution & Booking – Pablo Leira 

Production: ENDIRECTO FT 


Patricia Guerrero – Dance 

Dani de Morón – Flamenco guitar 

José Manuel Posada “Popo” – Electric bass / Double bass 

Agustín Diassera – Percussion 

Sergio “El Colorao” – Flamenco song 

Alicia Naranjo – Lyrical song / actress 

Ángel Fariña – Dance 

Rodrigo García Castillo – Dance / actor

Produced by Compañía Patricia Guerrero & Endirecto FT, S.L. in cooperation with Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla. In collaboration with Festival de Cante Jondo Antonio Mairena Distributed by Endirecto FT, S.L. In collaboration with: INAEM – Ministerio de Cultura – Gobierno de España In collaboration with Junta de Andalucía

Patricia Guerrero dislikes the word “luck”. She believes that this word devalues the hard work which leads to success, and says: “I deserve every step which I took. I got help from many people, but then you choose your own circle”.

Not surprisingly, the artist with such a credo in life gave birth to a show about feminine strength and vulnerability. In a society with double standards the equality of men and women is just a formality, or a utopia. In fact, women often have to play roles imposed on them. But what if you are a strong and brilliant personality, and your talents require expression? Why should one forsake one’s own individuality, and how much does it cost to remain true to your own self?

Distopia proves beyond doubt that Guerrero is one of the most promising figures in contemporary flamenco. Her fantasy is incredible, her resources seemingly boundless. Her style is at once vigorous and graceful. Her dancing remains perfect even at hectic pace. She succeeds in the most difficult thing, in developing the tradition by breaking the stereotypes.

“I don’t like being fashionable because fashion quickly goes out of style.”

Patricia Guerrero (deflamenco.com)

1 video
October 5, 6
Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre, Chamber Hall
1 hour 25 minutes without intermission